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Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff Directory                  

Christie McElroy
Jamie Martin
Assistant Principal
Wendy Harden
Guidance Counselor
Anne Jones
Reading Coach
Ben Crise
School Resource Officer
Jaccilien Abraham
Social Studies 6th Grade
John Biggs
Language Arts 6/7
Julie Hurst
Rachel McQueen
Intensive Reading & Math
Tonya Walker
 ELA  Grade 6
Susan Crise
Reading 8th Grade
Tyler Eastridge
Civics 7th Grade
Abhilash Rajan
Science 8th Grade
Shari Cave
 Math 6th Grade
Jelina Abbi
Math 6th/7th Grades
Haley Herring
Reading 7th Grade
Dana Davis
ELA 8th Grade
Shammohan Rao Bathula
Math 7th/8th Grades
Hannah Deas
Civics 7th Grade / Social Studies 8th
Carrie Cobb
ELA 7th/8th

Jeanine Collins
Science 6th Grade
ELA/Int. Reading/Math
Logan Downs
Science 7th Grade
Erin Lundy
Science 7th /8th Grades
Brandi O'Neal
ESE 6th - 9th
Robyn Norton
Math  8th / Alg. 1
Rachael McQueen
Intesive Reading 7th / 8th Grade
Janelle LaChance
Computer Science 6th / 7th Grade
Cynthia Mitchell
Agriculture  6th/7th/8th Grade
Will Malloy
John Thomas
Physical Education 6th - 8th Grades
Sandy Stack
Physical Education 6th-8th Grades
Richard Whittington
Health 6th / 7th Grades

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