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Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff Directory                  

Christie McElroy
Jamie Martin
Assistant Principal
Wendy Harden
Guidance Counselor
Anne Jones
Reading Coach
School Resource Officer
Jaccilien Abraham
Social Studies 6
Julie Hurst
Language Arts 6/7
Pam Music
Jana O'Neal
Intensive Reading & Math
Tonya Walker
 Reading  Grade 6
Susan Crise
Reading 6/8
Tyler Eastridge
Civics 7
Wayne Hurst
Science 6/7/8
Shari Cave
 Math 6
Kathryn Hauser
Math 6/7/8
Haley Herring
Reading 7/8
Dana Davis
Language Arts 7/8
Jean Driggers
Math 7
April Winkel
History 8
Carrie Cobb
Language Arts 7/8
Jeanine Collins
Science 6
DeAnna Roberts
Reading/Social Studies
Liam Mathe
Science 7-8
Carol Ann Goodell
Science 8
Brandi O'Neal
ESE 6 - 8
Robyn Norton
Math  8
Rachael McQueen
Behavior Unit
Janelle LaChance
Computer Science
Cynthia Mitchell
Will Malloy
John Thomas
Physical Education 6 - 8
Sandy Stack
Physical Education 6-8
Richard Whittington
Health 6 & 7

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