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Faculty and Staff
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Chris Lord
Jimmy Bray III
Assistant Principal
Wendy Harden
Guidance Counselor
Tracy Lee
Reading Coach
Danny  Forehand
School Resource Officer
6th Grade Teachers
Jaccilien Abraham
Social Studies 6
Erin Lord
Language Arts 6
 Department Chair
Pam Music
Science 6
Jana O'Neal
Math 6, Grade Chair
Tonya Walker
 Reading  Grade 6
7th Grade Teachers
Anne Jones
Civics 7
Social Studies Dept Chair
Wayne Hurst
Science 7
Aaron Halter
 Math 7
Jennifer Raulerson
Language Arts 7, Grade Chair
Fidah Williams
Reading 7
8th Grade Teachers
Shayna Tipton
Reading 7-8
Carrie Cobb
Language Arts 8
Jeanine Collins
Science 8
Michelle Lilie
Social Studies 8, Grade Chair
Donna Mullins
Math 8/Algebra
Math Department Chair
Multi-Grade Teachers
Marie Tucker
Social Studies 6 - 7
Tina Leon
ESE 6 - 8
Robyn Norton
Math 6 - 8
Chloe Mauerman
Science 6-8
Rachael Almeida
Critical Thinking
Enrichment/Wheel Teachers
Jessica Anderson
Will Malloy
John Thomas
Physical Education 6 - 8
Sandy Stack
Physical Education 6-8
PE Department Chair
Athletic Director
Richard Whittington
Health 6 & 7

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