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Wellness Policy Summary

Dear Parents:

Our goal is to continue to promote good nutrition and physical activity.
We have established portion control and nutrition guidelines for individually sold items through school food services. Our breakfast and lunch menu items are regulated under the USDA guidelines as part of a meal. Nutrient analyses on the meals are taken over a period of one week for breakfast and lunch.

Snacks – Elementary schools may allow one nutritious snack per day, also one snack is allowed
during FCAT testing for the district.
  • All snacks must meet the nutrition guidelines, which is no more than 35% of total calories from fat or (less than 4 g. of fat per 100 calories) and no more than 10% of those calories from saturated fat.
  • No more than 35% of total weight in sugar or (no more than 9 g per 100 calories).
  • All snacks must meet the safety and sanitation regulations of the Florida State Board of Health also the HACCP plans and guidelines. (This means no home baked items.)
Rewards – We do not encourage food to be used as a reward, if used it must meet the district nutrition guidelines and safety and sanitation regulations. (No foods of minimal nutritional value) which are foods made predominantly from sugar.

Parties – Only three parties allowed per school year, in addition to one birthday party per month for elementary schools only. All party foods will be exempt from the nutrition guidelines however; they will have to meet the safety and sanitation regulations. (This means no home baked items).

Fundraisers – We recommend nonfood fundraisers. If food is sold it must meet the nutrition guidelines and can only be sold on school campus one hour before school starts and one hour after the last lunch period has ended.
No businesses are allowed to sell food on any campus during school hours other than the School Food Service. This complies with the state competitive food law and the Jessica Lunsford Act.
This policy does not restrict what parents provide for their own child’s lunch, however, they may not provide restricted items to other children.
Suggestion list for snacks, rewards, fundraisers and a copy of the district policy is available upon request at each school.

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