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Parent Involvement Survey

Dixie County Title I Parent Survey

Please complete the following survey and return it to your child’s teacher or school.  If you have additional comments or ideas for improving Title I, please write them on the back.

1.  Do you feel welcome at your child’s school?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
2.  Have you signed and discussed your Title I School/Parent/Teacher Compact with the teacher?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
3.  Are you aware of the skills your child is expected to learn this year?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
4.  Do you feel informed about your child’s progress?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
5.  Do you have the opportunity to discuss how to improve your child’s performance?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
6.  Do you feel comfortable contacting your child’s teachers with questions or concerns?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
7.  Are the results of standardized tests for your child explained to you?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
8.  Do you feel informed about important dates, events, and activities at your school?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
9.  Do you know about the Parent Involvement Plan?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
10. Have you had an opportunity to provide your input on the Parent Involvement    
       Program at your school?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
11. Do you hear (right away) from your child’s teachers if your child has difficulties at
      school or falls behind?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
12. Have you been provided information about materials and trainings available to help
      you work with your child?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
13. Have you attended a workshop on how parents and teachers can work together to help   
      your child learn?
                        _____Yes                        _____No
14. Did you know that you can request information about the qualifications of your child’s teachers?
                        _____Yes                        _____No

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