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Old Town Elementary School Home Page
221 SE 136th Avenue
Old Town, Florida 32680

Principal: Karen Tillis          
Assistant Principal:Jamie Martin

We challenge students to reach for their "Dreams of Greatness"

The students, staff and families of Old Town Elementary School are on a quest to develop positive attitudes towards learning.  We will prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of their communities. By increasing their knowledge and understanding of themselves and their world, they will be prepared for college and future careers.  

Old Town Elementary School’s students, staff and families, are committed to educating the whole child by working in partnership to create a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment, where children are intellectually challenged in ways appropriate to their individual strengths, needs and experiences.

  • Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction with challenging and engaging curriculum.
        Objective 1:  Score at or above state average on all standardized assessments.  
        Objective 2:  Increase/maintain the number of students scoring at grade level on Standardized Assessments.
        Objective 3:  To refine and align strategy and skill instruction with Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Common Core State Standards

  • Provide a school environment that is safe and supportive which enhances a culture of success.
        Objective 1:  Ensure that discipline policies and procedures are evident, respected, and reinforced.                                                                                                            
        Objective 2:  Model qualities of integrity through respect and cooperation to develop responsible citizens.

  • Improve our school by increasing opportunities for communicating clearly and regularly with all stake- holders in our community.
             Objective 1:  Effectively communicate using school issued planners, monthly calendars, teacher newsletters, quarterly messages from the principal, telephone calls,
             scheduled conferences, and our school website about the policies and procedures pertaining to academics, attendance, discipline, promotion, and current events.     

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