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Vision statement
The main focus at Anderson Elementary School is to educate the student while involving the staff, parents, and community.  We believe that quality education is a direct result of an equal commitment from school and home.  We will continually seek to educate each child socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and creatively.  We feel that if a positive, safe and attractive environment is provided, the educational process will generate a sense of pride, responsibility, and positive self-esteem.  We also realize that learning should be exciting and “fun” and will exhibit enthusiasm from both the students and the staff.  Each student will be taught at their own level, with adequate materials and supplies, in order that they may become a useful and productive member of society.  Critical thinking and decision-making skills will be flexible in developing learning styles and processes.  This shall result in students who develop attitudes of life-long learning.

Students in K-5 are expected to attend school on a regular basis in order to receive the necessary instruction to be promoted.  If a student is absent from school it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to contact the school prior to the student’s return to school.  
For each day a child is absent, he/she has 2 school days to complete and submit make-up work without penalty.  If, however, a child has been suspended from school, the teacher has the option to refuse make-up work and record a “0” for all missed work on the day(s) of suspension.

Transportation has requested that rolling backpacks not be purchased because of storage issues on the bus.

Bus Notes
Bus notes will be given to the teacher at 1:00 PM.  Make sure any changes in bus transportation are made prior to 1:00 PM.

Enrollment Requirements
A child must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1st to enter kindergarten.
To register for first grade, a child must be 6 years old on or before Sept. 1, and must have successfully completed kindergarten.

Enrollment Documents Needed
1.      A school entry physical exam
2. A Florida certificate of immunization. In compliance with section 232.032, Florida Statutes, and School Policies 5.103 and 5.104, all students, regardless of grade level, must have a Florida Certificate of immunization or be in the process of getting one.  Student not complying with the law will be subject to suspension until the necessary immunization is begun.
3.      Birth Certificate
4.   Social Security Card
This act amends Section 233.065, Florida Statutes to require that the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag be recited at the beginning of the day in every public elementary and secondary school in the state.  Exemption – from participation may be provided a student upon written request of the parent/guardian.
We are proud to be a part of Federal Program that provides free breakfast and lunch to our students.  
If your child brings his/her lunch, please make sure the lunch does not require heating/reheating.  

Each student will receive a letter grade in each subject at the end of each grading period based on the following scale:

A………….. 90-100
B…..    80-89
C….     70-79
D….     60-69
F…..    0-59
I               Incomplete
S               Satisfactory
U               Unsatisfactory

Any 2nd or 3rd grade student reading below one or more grade levels, reading grades may be determined by the following scale:

C       70-100
D       60-69
F       0-59
This will remain in effect until the student’s reading level is less than one grade level of his/her current grade placement.
Health program
The Dixie County School System has a comprehensive health program that includes the following for PK- 5th grade. The health clinic offers services such as: first aid administration, issuance of doctor ordered medication, and evaluation and referral of medical situations.  A medical team consisting of a medical doctor/physicians assistant/or an advanced nurse practitioner and an LPN who are employed by the Dixie County Health Department evaluates and treats students every day for 1-2 hours in the school clinic free of charge.  The students must have a notarized parental consent form in order to be seen by the medical team If you have any questions concerning the Health Program, call 498-1336 or 498-1290 (Nancy Osteen, RN, School Health Coordinator).

We encourage parents/guardians to check their children’s hair on a regular basis.  No student may be allowed to school with live lice.  If a student is positive for live lice three (3) or more times during a semester, they are deemed “chronic,” and must then be nit-free before returning to school. Parents must transport students to school upon re-entry.  Students may return to school with proper documentation from either the school clinic or their pediatrician.  

All prescription, over-the-counter, and/or vitamin supplements must be taken to the school clinic with written directions by a doctor for correct dosage.  All medications/vitamins must be in the original container and clearly marked with the child’s name, the name of the medication, practitioner’s name and title.  The name of the pharmacy, address, and phone number should be printed on all prescriptions.  All medications/vitamins must be received by the parent/guardian or other authorized adult designee.  Only the school’s health staff and Principal (or his/her designee) are authorized to receive medications/vitamins.

Missing students
In the event that a parent/guardian suspects that his/her child(ren) is/are missing, immediately contact the front desk.  The safety and security of AES students are the top priority at our school.  We will work quickly to gather information of the student's attendance that day in school, inquire of any early check outs, and locate the transporting bus as needed.

Monies Owed
Please communicate with your child’s teacher weekly regarding monies owed to the school (lost books, returned checks, etc).

Parents may request information on professional qualifications of student's teachers.  Parents have the right to know their child's level of achievement and that the student is assigned (or was taught for four or more consecutive weeks) by a teacher who is not "highly qualified".

We feel it is important for the school and the family to work together in the educational process.  Conferences will be held in October and March.  Please look for our school newsletter during these months for more information.

In accordance with the Board approved Wellness Policy, we are making more efforts to improve fitness of our students,  To help safeguard out students from injury, place make sure your child has tennis/athletic shoes every PE day.

REMEDIATION, GRADES 2-5:        Students who perform below grade level as determined by the following criteria:  39th percentile or lower on NRT, OR Level 1 or 2 on FSA
Based on diagnostic assessments, the school will develop and implement a Response to Intervention  (RTI) plan designed to assist the student in meeting state and district expectations for proficiency in Reading and Mathematics.  Each plan must include the provision on intensive remedial instruction in the areas of weakness through strategies as considered appropriate by the school administration that may include one or more of the following and may include other strategies: intensive instruction (in-class), immediate intensive intervention (remediation classes), Extended Day Services, Parent Tutorial Programs, Contracted Academic Services, Exceptional Educational Services, or Suspension of Curriculum other than Reading and Mathematics.  
The student will continue to receive remediation until the level of proficiency is reached as defined by the criteria for promotion.

Student promotion will be determined by academic data on reading to include but not limited to fluency timings, IOWA Reading, and mastery of the Florida Standards as indicated by the teacher.

A student must be retained if he/she does not score a Level 2 or higher on the statewide assessment test in reading for grade 3.    The School Board may exempt students from mandatory retention in this grade, for “good cause.”  The “good cause” exemption shall be limited to the following:
1.      Limited English Proficient (LEP) students who have had less than 2 years instruction in an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program.
2.      Students with disabilities whose Individual Education Plan (IEP) indicates that participation in the statewide assessment program is not appropriate with requirements of the State Board of Education rule.
3.      Students who demonstrate an acceptable level of performance on an alternative standardized reading assessment approved by the State Board of Education.
4.      Students who demonstrate through a portfolio that the student is reading on grade level as evidenced by demonstrating mastery of the Sunshine State Standards in reading equal to at least Level 2 performance on the FCAT.
5.      Students with disabilities who participate in FCAT and who have an IEP or Section 504 plan that reflects that the student has received the intensive remediation in reading as required by Section 1008.25 program 4(b) of the Florida School Code for more than 2 years but is still demonstrating deficiency in reading and was previously retained in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2.
6.      Students who have received the intensive remediation in reading as required by Section 1008.25 paragraph 4(b) for the Florida School Code, two or more years but still demonstrate a deficiency in reading and who were previously retained in Kindergarten, grade 1 or grade 2 for a total of two years.  Intensive reading instruction for students so promoted must include an altered instructional day based upon an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) that includes specialized diagnostic information and specific reading strategies for each student.  The School Board shall assist schools and teacher to implement reading strategies that research has shown to be successful in improving reading among low performing students.
Request for “good cause” for students from the mandatory retention requirement shall be made consistent with the following:
Documentation shall be submitted from the student’s teacher to the principal that indicates that the promotion of the student is appropriate and is based upon the student’s academic record.  In order to minimize paperwork requirements, such documentation shall only consist of the existing AIP, IEP, if applicable, report card, and student portfolio.
The school principal shall review and discuss such recommendation with the teacher and make the determination as to whether the student should be promoted or retained.  If the school principal determines that the student should be promoted, the school principal shall make such recommendation to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent shall accept or reject the principal’s recommendation in writing.
Students in grade 3 may also be retained if they do not successfully complete their AIP.  Students, who do not have an active AIP, may be considered for retention if they do not successfully complete the requirements of their Language Arts/Reading course and/or the requirements of their math course.

Students in grades 4-5 may be considered for retention if they do not successfully complete the requirements of their Language Arts/Reading Course and/or the requirements for their math course.  A Child Study Team for Promotion will assist in determining the promotion or retention of each student.  Your child’s teacher will provide the team with your child’s academic data.

No student may be assigned to a grade level based solely on age or other factors that constitute social promotion.

From time to time, we at AES, recognize students' names/pictures/achievements in the public domain (newspaper, radio, and/or Internet).  If you prefer NOT to have your child recognized publicly, please submit your wishes in a written letter to the office.

For very young children, we ask that you read to your PK – K children for at least 20 minutes each night.  For students in grades 1-5, listen to your child read to you for 20 minutes.  This is mandatory homework for all of our students.  After you have read with your child, simply sign your child’s planner indicating that this reading homework is complete.  Research shows that students who read for 20 minutes each night score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.  This means they score better than 90 percent of students their own age across the nation on these types of tests.

Parents/guardians who wish to check students out from school before the end of the school day may do so by signing them out at the front desk.  A driver's license (or picture identification) will be asked if the parent/guardian is unknown to the front desk personnel.  If a parent/guardian possesses court orders prohibiting another person from having contact with any child, please bring the original court orders to the front desk.  Copies will be made for the student's records and proper school officials will be notified.  Court orders must be updated each year.

All students scoring Level 1 and/or 2 on FSA Reading and/or Math must be placed in a remediation class the following school year.

AES has a very active School Advisory Council, which is made parents, business leaders, and teachers.  We work together to improve the entire school, focusing on anything from academics to landscaping.  SAC meets monthly and alternates times in order to accommodate schedules of working parents and business leaders.  If you would like to join or participate in SAC, please let us know.  Your input is greatly appreciated!  
        In accordance with the Board approved Wellness Policy, snacks provided to students must have a nutritional value.  Students in PK & K have daily snack schedules.  Please see “Wellness Policy” for more information.

Students are to arrive at school no earlier than 7:30 AM.  Upon arrival, students are to report to the cafeteria.  Students will be dismissed by grade level and walked to class under supervision.  Kindergarten students will report directly to their classroom upon arrival to school.
Parents may walk their children to their classroom and stay outside the child’s classroom until the bell rings.  Students are not permitted to wait in the hallways with a parent to supervise.    Parents are encouraged to make appointments to meet with their child’s teacher.  Parents who are tardy in bringing their child to school must accompany them to the front office and sign a log.  Students will receive an admission slip to class.

Please limit telephone calls to students while at school to emergency situations. Students must obtain permission to use the office phone.  Students should not possess/use cell phones during school hours.  When found, cell phones will be held in the front office for parent-pick-up.   Only emergency situations will be transferred to the classroom.

Students are responsible for all books issued or checked out during the year.  Students are expected to pay for books if lost, damaged, made unusable and/or not returned.

Transportation is considered a privilege.  Children must earn this privilege by obeying bus rules, which are posted on each bus.  If a child is suspended from the bus due to misconduct, absence from school is not excused.  After numerous or extremely severe infractions, a child may be subject to bus expulsion for the rest of the year.  The parent/guardian is expected to provide transportation during the time the child is excluded from riding the bus.  Be sure your child understands before leaving home each morning where he/she is to go after school and whether he/she is to ride the bus or someone will pick them up.  If you want your child to make changes in their usual transportation home, this change should be in writing and signed by you.  The student is to bring the note to the office signed.

Students are considered truant if they have 5 unexcused absences per semester or 10 days per school year.  Efforts will be made through out Guidance Department to improve attendance in a Child Study for Attendance.  In cases where attendance does not improve, it may be necessary to see the assistance of the School Resource Officer.  
Please be aware, under new state legislation, late arrivals and early checkout of students will constitute truancy as well.  Therefore, please ensure your child arrives to school on time and remains in class until the end of the school day.

For the safety of our children, all visitors and non-school personnel must sign in at the front office.  Appropriate identification will be given to persons at that time.  If you regularly visit the classroom for more than 5 minutes at a time, you need to be an approved volunteer and participate in helping our children learn.  Please see the following for more information.

All students who are 4-years old are eligible for VPK.  We currently have four classes of PK available for students.  If you are interested in your child participating in the VPK program, please call our District PK Office and speak to Mrs. Philmon or Mrs. Lord at 498-6110 or 498-6112 for more information.
If you would like to have your 3-year old screened for PK, please call the above numbers for more information.  All 3-year olds must be screened and meet the criteria for enrollment in our PK program.  We cannot enroll any 3 or 4-year olds who have not contacted our District PK Office.

AES has an active Volunteer Program.  Parents may volunteer on a regular basis or as a resource person.  If you are interested in becoming a “partner “ in your child’s education in this way, please call the school at 498-1333.  Please note, all volunteers must have a background check according to state law.  Please sign in at the office.  ANY PARENT WISHING TO RIDE BUSES ON A FIELD TRIP MUST BE AN APPROVED VOLUNTEER.

Wellness policy (District-wide)
Snacks – Elementary schools may allow one nutritious snacks per day [AES   schedules snacks for PK and Kdg], also one snack is allowed during FCAT testing for the district.  
All snacks must meet the nutritious guidelines, which is no more than 35% of total calories from fat or (less than 4 g. of fat per 100 calories) and no more than 10% of those calories from saturated fat.
No more than 35% of total weight in sugar or (no more than 9 g. per 100 calories).
All snacks must meet the safety and sanitation regulations of the Florida State Board of Health also the HACCP plans and Guidelines. (This means no home baked items.)
Rewards – We do not encourage food to be used as a reward, if used it must meet the district nutrition guidelines and safety and sanitation regulations. (No foods of minimal nutritional value) which is foods made predominately of sugar.
Parties – Only three (3) parties allowed per school year [these are voted on by teachers at the beginning of the school year], in addition to one birthday party per month at elementary schools only [PK & Kdg do this at snack time.  Birthday parties in 1st-5th must be organized by the teacher and must not interfere with academic schedules.]  All party foods will be exempt from the nutrition guidelines; however, they will have to meet the safety and sanitation regulations (no home baked goods).

Parents must come to the guidance office and complete a withdrawal form.  This form must be signed by the classroom teacher and each special-area teacher.  Textbook, Library and Lunch record must be cleared.

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